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"Style with Comfort"

Early in 2022, a brand was established under the slogan of “style with comfort,” which has been prospering ever since, which we now know as ‘Obsidian’. Obsidian is a Canadian clothing brand that has been growing ever since it came into being. The brand aims to produce and popularize street wear clothing that is oversized, fashionable and does not compromise comfort. The brand has initiated its endeavors to reach the skies of popularity in the new style. Read ahead to explore more about Obsidian, the Canadian clothing brand that promotes sustainability and quality.

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Obsidian's role in environmental sustainability

Every decision made at Obsidian is done by keeping the environment and our planet Earth in mind. Our values are reflected in everything we do. There are numerous ways how we help minimize the negative impact we have on our environment. 

We only use 100% Natural Organic cotton. It is better than the regular cotton in various ways including but not limited to being environmentally friendly, pesticide/insecticide free production, being softer on skin, preventing rashes or itchiness and being more breathable. With the help of using organic cotton we bring style, comfort and sustainability together. Read our article: 100% Organic Cotton vs Regular Cotton

100% Cotton

Fabric used for our clothing is verified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is an internationally recognized certification. This certification ensures that the workers that manufactured it and the planet were taken care of while manufacturing the products.

We are proud of our sustainable business model. We always go the extra mile to achieve environmental and social harmony. We do more than is required by laws and regulations to meet our main goals of sustainability and quality.

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Our sustainability is not limited to our raw materials. Our packaging and shipping material is also eco-friendly. We use 100% compostable mailers produced by Wastebased that are strong, waterproof, like a normal poly mailer. They are continuously working to minimize their carbon footprint. They do a lot more for the environment than one might except. They have planted over 4,000 trees. They are currently restoring damaged mangrove estuaries in Madagascar by planting more trees local to the area.

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